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Agisoft Metashape Professional


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Agisoft Metashape Professional

Professional software for photogrammetric
image processing and 3D modeling.

Software possibilities

Agisoft Metashape Professional is a advanced software which broadens photogrammetry capabilities. Metashape can process RGB or multispectral images from any digital camera, including systems with multiple cameras. The software can transform images into dense point cloud, texturised polygonal models, geo-linked orthophotos and digital terrain models (DTM).

Professional approach

Results post-processing allows to exclude shadows and textures distortion from models surface, calculate vegetation indexes and create prescriptions for agricultural events, classify point clouds etc.


Image processing is fully automated. All you have to do is upload photos to the project and wait for results.

Popular formats support

You can save 3D models in any desired format: 3DS, OBJ, VRML, COLLADA, PLY, FBX, Alembic, Stanford PLY, STL, Autodesk FBX, Autodesk DXF (in shape of Polyline or 3DFace), U3D and Adobe PDF 3D.

Use Metashape for aerial photos

Point clouds
similar quality as laser scans
Highly detailed
surfaces in TIN or GRID models
Texturised 3D models
based on original images
with 1:500 precision

Professional photogrammetry is easy

Agisoft Metashape uses classic photogrammetry methods combined with modern algorithms.

These technologies allow to create versatile photo analysis and 3D modelling system with user-friendly interface. Automatic processing enables precise results with no additional effort..

At the same time, Metashape is extremely useful for professionals. You can control output model’s quality with precise parameters setting, customise workspace for specific needs and use advanced functions, like stereo mode or Python scripts.

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