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    DJI Osmo Gimbal Extension

    DJI Osmo Gimbal Extension With the DJI OSMO Gimbal Extension Cable you disconnect the camera from the OSMO Handle and extend the reach of your camera gimbal using this extension cable. Specifications: Length: 150cm Compatibility: Osmo Osmo+ Osmo – Sticky Mount

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    DJI OSMO 10 PIN-A to DC toite kaabel (Part 51)

    Kasuta DJI OSMO´t läbi välise aku: (Phantom 3 või Inspire 1, Pro/Raw aku)

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    DJI Osmo External Battery Extender – Part 49

    DJI Osmo External Battery Extender This is designed to extend the operating time of the Osmo handheld gimbal (all models), by connecting it to an external power source such as a DJI Charger. This will help you to continue using the Osmo without changing the battery which can be useful when in certain modes like […]

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    DJI Osmo Pro kohver

    DJI Osmo Pro Carrying Case This case will hold the DJI Osmo Pro with X5 camera and its accessories. The Osmo Pro can be stored with the X5 camera attached, and there is space for  batteries, the DJI Focus, spare/additional X5 lens, charger and additional attachments for the Osmo. It features a dual layer foam […]

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    DJI Osmo Handheld Gimbal Base Stand – Part 46

    DJI Osmo Base Stand The Osmo base stand will hold your DJI Osmo handheld gimbal upright on any flat surfaces, keeping it stable without tipping over. To install the Osmo into the Osmo base; press the buckle on the Base Stand and place the bottom of the handheld gimbal into the hole. Make sure the buckle is […]

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    DJI Osmo Pro Handheld Gimbal Combo with X5 Camera

    Osmo Pro with X5 Camera The DJI Osmo Pro featuring the DJI X5 micro four-thirds camera is the latest in advanced compact handheld image stabilisation systems. This effortless handheld gimbal allows you to shoot crisp and stable 4k footage anywhere on the go, also allowing you to achieve dynamic shots without the need for a […]

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    DJI Zenmuse Z3 Camera and Gimbal

    DJI Zenmuse Z3 with Zoom Lens The Zenmuse Z3 gimbal and camera provides a 3.5 optical zoom and 2x digital zoom for a total 7x zoom, giving it a focal length of between 22mm and 77mm. This opens up many new applications for this camera, which can be used with the DJI Inspire 1 or […]

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    DJI Osmo+ Handheld Gimbal and Camera

    Introducing the DJI Osmo+ The new Osmo+ adds a 7x zoom lens to the revolutionary Osmo gyro-stabilised handheld gimbal system. Now videographers can take advantage of 22mm to 77mm focal length offering new possibilities in crystal clear super-smooth 4K video. It achieves this 7 x zoom by using a 3.5x optical and 2x digital lossless […]

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    DJI Osmo Mobile Handheld Gimbal

    Osmo Mobile – Turn Your Phone Into a Smart Motion Camera DJI’s latest addition to their Osmo range is the Osmo Mobile Handheld Gimbal, which allows you to capture cinematic footage that looks professional, without the expensive equipment. Using a sturdy vice clamp, the Osmo Mobile is compatible with smartphones with a width between 2.31 […]

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    DJI Osmo Intelligent High Capacity Battery – Part 55

    DJI Osmo High Capacity Battery Improve the battery life of your DJI Osmo Handheld Gimbal with this high capacity, intelligent battery with battery saving features. The battery can be recharged using the DJI Osmo Intelligent Battery Charger. Power: 1100mAh

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    DJI Osmo Pro-RAW to DJI Follow Focus Adapter Cable – Part 67

    DJI Osmo Pro/RAW to DJI Focus Adapter Cable (0.2m) This cable is to connect the communication ports on the DJI Focus Remote Controller and a DJI Osmo handheld gimbal equipped with an X5/X5R adapter, allowing you to use DJI Focus to control the aperture and focus of Zenmuse X5 and X5R cameras. DJI Osmo Part […]

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    DJI A3 Flight Controller and Lightbridge 2

    DJI A3 and Lightbridge 2 The A3 is DJI’s most advanced flight controller. It has been designed to allow professionals and industry experts to create their perfect aerial system. It uses advanced algorithms to improve the A3’s control accuracy, and can be customised using mobile or onboard SDKs to make it suitable for whatever application […]