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    ZMR250 FPV Racer droon (ARF) (kasutatud)

    Tote seisukord: kasutatud – töökorras. ZMR250 FPV Racer Raam: ZMR250 V2 Carbon Fiber Frame Kit 4.0mm Diatone ZMR250 V2.2 PCB PBD Board (x4) DALRC 4mm Carbon Fiber Arm With Motor Protector Elektroonika: (x4) EMAX Cooling New MT2204 II 2300KV (x4) EMAX Simonk Series 12A ESC BEC SP Racing F3 Deluxe 10 DOF (Baro, Mag, Alt, Comp) […]

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    DJI Naza-M V2 komplekt +GPS (kasutatud)

    Toode on kasutatud, töökorras – testitud. Kompass –  Ublox M8N GPS Compass Module for NAZA M V2 Features: – Support DJI Naza-M and Naza-M V2 flight controller, and it is compatible with DJI Phantom 1/2. Adopting U-Blox the eighth GPS modules NEO-M8N GPS – NEO-M8N has low consumption high precision, limiting precision 0.6m, most are about […]

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    DJI iOSD Mark II (kasutatud)

    Toode on kasutatud, töökorras. IOSD MARK II – Real Time Flight Data, amazing FPV Flight Experience with safety OSD means “On Screen Display”, the iOSD MK II is a black box put onboard the drone, act like a bridge connecting the camera and the FPV transmitter. It will overlap some important info on the TV […]

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    DJI Phantom 3 Standard ESC Center Board (kasutatud)

    Toode on kasutatud, töökorras. Compatible with Phantom 3 , to be used with the 2312 motor. The ESC Center Board has a maximum input voltage of 17.4 V, minimum input voltage of 15 V, and maximum current of 60 A. The MC has flight control and propulsion system control functions.

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    Futaba R3008SB T-FHSS 2.4GHz vastuvõtja (kasutatud)

    Toote seisukord: (UUS) – pakendist välja võetud. Original Futaba R3008SB T-FHSS 2.4GHz Receiver for FUTABA 10J transmitter radio This is the Futaba R3008SB T-FHSS 2.4GHz Receiver and Telemtery ready.  FEATURES: Bi-directional communication with a T-FHSS Air-2.4GHz Futaba transmitter using the S.BUS2 port Standard PWM output ports and S.BUS output ports INCLUDES: Futaba R3008SB T-FHSS 2.4GHz […]

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    Futaba R2008SB 2.4G S-FHSS 8 Channel S.Bus vastuvõtja (kasutatud)

    Toote seisukord: (UUS) – pakendist välja võetud. Original Futaba R2008SB 2.4G S-FHSS 8 Channel S.Bus High Voltage Receiver for Futaba T8J T10J T14SG Radio Remote Control This is the Futaba R2008SB 2.4GHz S-FHSS 8 Channel S.Bus Receiver. The R2008SB 2.4GHz S-FHSS receiver is S.Bus-compatible and features Dual Antenna Diversity. It also comes equipped to handle […]

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    DJI Inspire 1 akulaadija 4´le akule (kasutatud)

    DJI Inspire 1 Akulaadija Toode on kasutatud, töökorras – ühenda oma tava akulaadija ja lae 4 akut. Small and easy to carry, the Inspire 1 Battery Charging Hub enables you to charge up to four Inspire 1 Intelligent Flight Batteries. When used, the charging hub automatically selects the individual battery with the highest amount of […]

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    Gimbali telg koos mootoriga (kasutatud)

    Toote seisukord: kasutatud, heas korras CF parts + gimbal motor. Brushless mootor: iPower 5108 IPOWER GBM5108-120T 5108 Gimbal Brushless Motor for Cameras FPV Aerial Photography iPower GBM5108-120T(24N24P) Sealed case   Specs: Model NO.:GBM5108-120T Weight:175g Motor Dimensions:60x24mm Stator Dimensions:51x8mm Copper wire(OD):0.18mm Configuration:24N22P Resistance:12.6 ohms Wind type and termination method:Star style Pre-wounded with 120 turns,5.0mm shaft Flexible […]

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    HDMI Cable for Zenmuse Original Z15 Gimbal (kasutatud)

    Toote seisukord: kasutatud – töökorras. DJI LightBridge Z15 Gimbal HDMI Cable DJI-1177

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    Micro HDMI to A/V Converter (kasutatud)

    Toote seisukord: (UUS) This Micro HDMI to A/V converter is an advanced system to convert your Sony A5000 / A6000 and GOPRO 3 series cameras for FPV use.  Easy to assemble and install. The converter has been specially adapted for use with the Sony A5000 / A6000 and GOPRO 3 series camera systems. Features: • […]

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    Polariseeritud antenn RX 5.8Ghz (kasutatud)

    Seisukord: kasutatud – töökorras. Hind ühele tükile.

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    Carbon Fibre 7-8 Inch FPV Monitori kinnitus puldile (kasutatud)

    Toode on kasutatud ja heas seisukorras. Having a monitor attached to your transmitter looks super cool; it’s also the best place to have it mounted for FPV. This universal carbon fibre monitor mount will adapt almost any transmitter with a carrying handle to support a 7-8 inch FPV monitor that has a bottom thread mount. The […]