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    DJI S900 Anti Vibration Upgrade Parts

    Processing time 3-5 days. DJI S900 anti vibration and anti jello upgrade parts. Since the DJI S900 is flexible by it´s own 1,5mm carbon fibre top plates, we´ve developed, modelled and CNC-d an upgrade replacement parts. This replacement parts will eliminate the jello and there´s no more frame wobbling. We have said to all of […]

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    Full Carbon Fiber Plate 3.0mm 3K Matte finish

    100% PURE CF plate 3K. Size: 400x500x3.0mm Performance: **Light weight – Less Density – 20% of Steel **High strength and Perfect Surface **High UV and Corrosion Resistance **Superior and Precision Dimensional Stability **Consistent Cross Section **Excellent Structural Properties and Lasting Performance USE in: RC model plane, style should be stunt kite, equipment, medical equipment, military […]

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    Full Carbon Fiber Plate 2.0mm 3K Matte finish

    Full Carbon Fiber Plate,3K Twill Weave, Matte Finish 500mm Length*400mm Width, 2.0mm Thickness Thickness tolerance: ±0.10mm; Length and Width Tolerance: +0.0/-1.0mm

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    Full Carbon Fiber Plate 1,5mm 3K Matte finish

    Full Carbon Fiber Plate, 3K Twill Weave (Matte Finish) 400mm Width×500mm Length, 1.5mm Thickness, Thickness tolerance: ±0.10mm; Length and Width Tolerance: +0.0/-1.0mm

  • 39.36

    Carbon Fiber Tube 25/23×500

    Full Carbon Fiber tubes, surface carbon fiber Twill Weave Matte (3K) / O.D.: 25mm I.D: 23mm / Length: 500mm Tolerance: OD ±0.10mm, ID ±0.05mm,Length ±0.5mm.

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    1 Pair 25mm aluminum clamp

    Name: aluminum clamp/clip Material: aluminum Inner Diameter: 25mm Hole space distance: 32mm Thick: 7mm Normally for 25mm tube use M3x43 stainless screws 4pcs Price is for 1pack / 2pairs