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    Power bank usb 20000mah/va2602 rivacase

    RIVACASE 2602 Wireless QC / PD 20W battery
    Product Features:
    • 20000 mAh rechargeable battery.
    • 10W wireless charging.
    • Fast Charge Iphone – support 20W charging mode
    Charge up to 4 times faster than conventional chargers!
    Support : Power Delivery 20W , QC3.0 and other popular fast charging protocols.
    USB-C input / output
    You can use USB-C socket to charge devices and recharge battery itself.
    Emergency laptop recharging via USB-C
    Li- Polymer battery: 3.7V 20000 mAh 74 Wh
    • Input: Micro USB 5V 2A / 9V 2 (Support QC 3.0)
    Type-C 5V 2A / 9V 2 (Support QC 3.0/PD 3.0)
    • Output: WIRELESS 10w (Qi)
    USB1 5V 3A / 9V 2? / 12V 1,5? (Support QC 3.0)
    USB2 5V 3A / 9V 2? / 12V 1,5? (Support QC 3.0)
    Type-C 5V 3A / 9V 2,2? / 12V 1,5? (Support PD 3.0)
    • Size: 151x68x29 mm
    Weight: 412 g.

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    Power bank usb 20000mah/va2081 rivacase

    VA2081 (20000 mAh) white, portable battery
    Portable rechargeable battery
    Product Features:
    • 20000 mAh rechargeable Li-Pol battery.
    • Protection from over-charging, over-discharging, overload and short circuit.
    • Automatic turn on/off. Just plug your device(s) into RIVACASE battery output socket(s) and the charging will start.
    • To check the battery status, press the button on the battery body. 4 LED indicators will show the level of charge.
    • Smartphone charging – up to 6 times. (depends on a smartphone battery capacity).
    • Cable included.

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    Power bank usb 20000mah qc3.0/anthracite pd20000 intenso

    Equipped with Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0, the Powerbank PD10000 and PD20000 combine the highest speed charging features which are currently available in one product.
    Compatible devices can be charged up to 4x faster than with standard powerbanks.
    In addition, the digital percentage display provides precise information about the charging status of the powerbank whenever you want to know it.
    Experience optimal charging processes with the latest technology!