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    DJI Ronin Tethered Control Handle

    DJI Ronin Tethered Control Handle Overview The DJI Ronin Tethered Control Handle offers extended wired control of camera focus and parameters, camera shutter, and gimbal movement when connected to the […]

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    USB-C PD Kiirlaadija (65 W)

    USB-C kiirlaadija 65W (Valge) Kiirlaadija, millega saad kuni 5 korda kiiremini akusid laadida

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    Drone accessory|dji|gamesir remote controller|cp.pt.00000220.02

    GameSir T1d Controller.
    This controller can instantly transform your smartphone into a drone controller, designed to provide a lightweight feel, smooth experience, and convenient operation. With two high-precision 3D joysticks, the controller can orient your aircraft to any location, making more difficult maneuvers possible. The controller includes a high-speed connection to GameSir Connecting Mode so you can begin flight immediately.