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    Power bank 10000mah/carbo10000 nitecore

    CARBO 10000
    Technical Data – Cell: Li-ion
    – Capacity: 10,000mAh 3.85V (38.5Wh)
    – Rated Energy: 6,400mAh 5V (TYP 1A)
    – Input: USB-C: 5V?2.4A / 9V?2A
    – Output: USB-C: 5V?3A / 9V?2.22A / 12V?1.68A
    – USB-A: 5V?3A / 9V?2A / 12V?1.5A
    – Dual Ports: 5V?3A (MAX)
    – Dimensions: 124mm x 59mm x 11.5mm (4.88″ x 2.32″ x 0.45″)
    – Weight: 157g±5g (5.54 oz±0.1 oz)
    – Accessory: USB-C Charging Cable

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    Power bank 10000mah ip68/npb2 nitecore

    The Nitecore NPB2 power bank is equipped with 2 x 5000mAh 21700 li-ion batteries and provides an energy density of 169mWh/g. Lightweight and compact, the power bank is ideal for keeping your electronics powered up when you're on the go.
    The NPB2 features micro USB input and dual USB-A output for convenient charging with a maximum output of 18W. With the total 10,000mAh, the power bank can provide an iPhone 11 with 2 full charges and a headlamp such as the Nitecore NU32 with 4.5 charges.
    To ensure you're aware of how much power the NPB2 has, the unit has a power level display which is activated by tapping the touch icon. Three indicators will show if the NPB2 is at approximately 100%, two indicators means approx. 70% and one indicator is for approx. 30%.
    The Nitecore NPB2 offers multiple safeguards to keep you and your devices safe, including:
    – Overcurrent protection
    – Short circuit protection
    – Over-discharge protection
    – Overcharge protection
    – Overvoltage protection
    – Thermal protection

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    Power bank 10000mah/nb10000 nitecore

    Capacity:10,000mAh 3.85V (38.5Wh)
    Rated Energy:6,400mAh 5V (TYP 1A)
    Input:USB-C: 5V?2.4A / 9V?2A
    Output:USB-C: 5V?3A / 9V?2A / 12V?1.5A
    USB-A: 5V?3A / 9V?2A / 12V?1.5A
    Dual Ports: 5V?3A (MAX)
    Dimensions:121.9mm×59mm×10.6mm(4.8” ×2.32” ×0.42”)
    Weight:150g±3g (5.29oz±0.11oz)
    Accessories:USB Charging Cable (USB-A to USB-C)

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    Power bank usb 10000mah/va2137 rivacase

    RIVACASE VA2137 portable rechargeable battery
    Product Features:
    • 10000 mAh capacity rechargeable Li-Pol battery.
    • Compatible with all popular models of smartphones, Tablets and other mobile devices.
    • Protection for over-charging, over-discharging, overload and short circuit.
    • Automatic turn on/off. Just plug your device(s) into RIVACASE battery output socket(s) and the charging will start.
    • To check the battery status, press the button on the battery body. 4 LED indicators will show the remaining power.
    • Smartphone charging – up to 8 times. Tablet charging – up to 4 times.
    • Cable included

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    Memory reader internal usb/fdi2-allin1-02-b gembird

    Internal USB card reader/writer, black
    – Supports most memory cards, including SDXC
    – Easy to install