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    Action camera pro2 farsight/tinppr2/b insta360

    INSTA360 Pro 2.0 & Farsight

    Better from every angle


    • Farsight 360° Live Monitoring

    • Flowstate Stabilization

    • 8K 3D VR

    • HDR Video + Photo

    • Super High Bitrate

    • CrystalView 8K Playback

    • Adobe Premiere Pro Full Integration (No stitching)

    • Spherical Audio

    • Ready for 3D capture

    • 4 built-in mics capture full-sphere Ambisonic audio

    • purpose-built mounting points for industry-favored 360° audio tools (Zoom H2N ready)

    • versatile control apps for any shoot (Windows/ MAC/ iOS/ Android

    Clear and crisp. Any way you look at it

    CrystalView works by converting your footage into a specially segmented sphere. When a viewer plays it back in this format, their device will render exactly the area of the scene they’re looking at — in full 8K quality — adapting in real time as they look around

    Deliver what you really shot

    Why shoot 8K if your viewers are on a headset or smartphone that can only render 4K? Insta360’s new CrystalView player solves this problem. Using proprietary adaptive rendering technology, it lets viewers watch 8K 360° video in full quality on Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go, and mainstream iPhone and Android phones.