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  • 12,10 

    Power bank usb 10000mah/silver p10000 intenso

    P10000 – Promotional item
    Reliable powerbank in a handy design
    The Intenso Powerbank P10000 won't disappoint when your smartphone battery goes flat while being out and about. With a capacity of 10000 mAh, the powerbank is ideal for supplying your smartphone or tablet with energy on the go. Equipped with two USB-A (Out) ports, it allows you to charge two devices ate the same time. With an output charge of 2.1 amps in total, your devices are recharged within no time and are thus quickly ready to use again. The powerbank itself can be charged either via the USB-C (In) or microUSB (In) port. The P10000 is available in black and white.