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    Escooter seated e300se black/aa. segwayninebot

    The eScooter E300SE Launch Edition is the first powerful and high-speed vehicle from the L3e-A1 market of Segway. It stands out with its 5-star performance equipped with the latest innovative technology.  The new motor configuration produces the maximum output of power ever, with an extreme acceleration that can be achieved from 0 to 50km/h in 2.9 secs. In addition to the power, design and smart features, the combination of ABS and smart TCS (Traction Control System) provides further safety and control features to reduce the risk of spin. Finally, with the option to have up to 3 batteries* for expandable range, a max. speed of up to 105 km/h, the E300SE is the perfect vehicle to reach your destination! Segway's self-developed Smart TCS (Traction Control System) enables multi-braking just by one trigger. TCS not only prevents the wheels from slipping but also improves acceleration performance, improve the ability to climb. You can fully feel the sense of safety in rainy, snowy conditions.  Safer and More Stable with dual channel ABS To increase your safety, a dual-channel ABS braking system was integrated into the E300SE to ensure stable braking while preventing brake locking and skidding. The main steel frame of the eScooter enables a stronger, more stable, smooth drive with high speed. With high strength, it generates a good balance without handlebar and frame shaking, improve the flexibility of connection between the body and the rear suspension, and makes it confident to change lane.