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    Drone accessory|dji|dji mavic 3 classic nd filters set|cp.ma.00000561.01

    DJI Mavic 3 Classic ND Filters Set (ND8/16/32/64)
    Wide coverage for different lighting conditions. High-quality light-reducing materials deliver more authentic color with a reliable fit and seal.
    The filters set meets photographers' needs when shooting long-exposure shots or in strong lighting conditions (e.g., long-exposure timelapse).
    The filters provide advanced users with precise control over shutter speed, allowing them to produce smooth footage in bright environments with lower shutter speed. Flexible use of this kit can ensure clean footage, even when the shutter opens to 180° with a low ISO.
    Made of high-quality light-reduction materials, this filters set helps you to capture true-to-life colors and stunning highlight and low-light details.
    A precise snap-joint design ensures a reliable fit and lens seal during flight.