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CR-Camera USB+AV Combo Cable for Panasonic Cameras



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CR-Camera 8-pin USB+AV Cable for Panasonic cameras (length 30cm/9.8″ – 7g). USB have 8-pin connector, A/V connection has 3.5mm jack. USB is used to control Shutter release, Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO on GH4 only. Note: Panasonic GH4 is not supporting Movie recording and Zoom control through USB connection. Workaround is to use USB cable together with Remote Port cable.
A/V jack is used to connect composite video signal to video downlink equipment. A/V connection at male-plug pins: SLEEVE=Signal Ground, CENTER=Video, TIP=Audio.
Pls note: GH2-GH4 cancels composite video during movie recording (HDMI is available in any modes). All other modes composite video can be activated by holding down ‘Trash’ button about 5 sec.

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