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DJI iOSD Mark II (kasutatud)



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Toode on kasutatud, töökorras.

IOSD MARK II – Real Time Flight Data, amazing FPV Flight Experience with safety

OSD means “On Screen Display”, the iOSD MK II is a black box put onboard the drone, act like a bridge connecting the camera and the FPV transmitter. It will overlap some important info on the TV Monitor, the screen looks just like a real Jet Fighter with horizontal lines, heights, speed, battery voltage and GPS signal strength… stuff like that, they make flying the drone much more fun! The iOSD MK II supports NAZA-M V2 and WooKong-M, can output to DJI AVL5.8Ghz FPV System or other FPV System, we went thru the installation, it’s pretty easy, just you need to do some soldering for the Video Input and Output plugs.

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