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Escooter seated e125s blue/aa.50.0009.68 segway ninebot


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The new, fashionable and sustainable way to ride: discover the premium Segway eScooter E125S! Not only the E125S has a total premium look with the luxury chrome metal and cognac finishes but is also smart thanks to many features integrated into the mobile App. In addition, thanks to its two batteries (included) located under the foot panel, benefit from an extra-long achievable range of up to 140 km* (WMTC range: up to 102 km (25km/h version) ; up to 81 km (45 km/h version)): you can ride where you want in peace. So put on your sunglasses and ride with style! The Segway E125S has everything to provide you with a pleasant and high-quality riding experience. With two batteries included, the eScooter has been designed so that the battery compartment is located at the bottom of the vehicle. This not only allows you to have enough room to store your things under the seat (27 L) but also to have the centre of gravity as low as possible. As a result, you will benefit from more stability and safety when driving.  This is what we call the golden riding triangle: the perfect balance to make your posture as pleasant, comfortable and safe as possible. As dynamic as its performance, the LED headlight is designed with a unique matrix structure and a full front horizontal display to produce a wider beam of light and illuminate your path ahead.  The headlight delivers a premium experience while following the brand’s mission of always building smarter and more energy-efficient products. As your safety is our number one concern, we integrated the ABS braking system in our premium Segway eScooter to avoid brake locking and skidding. In addition, the eScooter is equipped with front and rear hydraulic disc brake. Combined with our advanced EBS (Electronic Braking System), this creates a controlled and safe braking environment while recovering energy at the same time. Thanks to several new functions such as the Airlock function, parking and seat sensors, the RideyGo! Intelligent system will save you precious time. RideyGo! is a combination of smart features which reduces the locking/ riding/ unlocking process from 8 steps to 5 steps. The Airlock system within RideyGo! turns on/off your eScooter automatically without using any physical key. Instead, the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone* allows you to activate this function when you come closer or move away within 2-10 meters from the eScooter. Thanks to the AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System), your eScooter is anti-theft protected. With an integrated 4G-enabled SIM and GPS, you can track the eScooter’s location at any time. The Segway E125S’s smart security system detects any irregular movement and sends notifications directly to your smartphone within seconds to give you peace of mind. If your eScooter is locked with a battery inside, any unusual actions such as pushing, moving, or accessing the vehicle will trigger the alarm system. The Segway eScooter has the Smart Battery Management System (BMS) 6.0 which ensures a longer battery life and offers multiple smart functions.  Thanks to the BMS 6.0, your eScooter requires less maintenance. Not only will it monitor the amount of power, control the charging speed and adjust your real-time information when the battery is draining, but it will also prevent and protect the battery from over/undercharging. 

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Product type Seated scooter | Speed up to 45 km/h | Travel distance Up to 140 km | Battery Lithium-Ion rechargeable | Colour Blue | Dimensions 1866 x 675 x 1175 mm | Unit Net Weight 90 kg

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