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Langevarju komplekt DJI Inspire 1 / Pro / Raw



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Toote seisukord: (UUS). Pakendist välja võetud.
Toote tavahind: 199€ +KM.


One of the leading parachute manufacturers, Opale Paramodels, has just unveiled their new parachute system for the DJI Inspire. Everything is included in the kit (Ejection system, servo, parachute, pod & straps).

Main features

  • Easy set-up (about 15 minutes, no heavy modifications required)
  • Lightweight (230g, complete kit)
  • Aerodynamic
  • Simple & reliable ejection system


This system doesn’t use a spring, CO2 or pyrotechnic deployment. Like on other opale’s kits, the parachute is mounted on a plate and ejected with rubber bands far behind the aircraft, this system has the advantage to work in any situation, even if the Inspire is upside down or tilted 90° in any direction.


The ejection is controlled by a servo (included in the kit) making it compatible with a lot of devices. You may choose to connect it directly to your RC receiver, to an autonomous module such as the Mayday or to a flight controller that supports automatic deployment like the Pixhawk.


The aerodynamic of this kit has been optimized and will not change the flight characteristics of the Inspire significantly.


The parachute itself is made from high quality fabric (Silicon nylon 20D 32gr/m²) the same used for manufacturing human parachutes.

Sink rate

This table explains which sink rate and impact energy you will get according to the All Up Weight of your Inspire with the provided 1.8 m2 parachute.

The Inspire with battery weighs 2935g. And 3165g with Opale’s kit.

Total weight (in Kg) 2 2,5 3 3,5 3,8
Sink rate (in Meter/second) 4,2 4,5 5,1 5,6 5,9
Impact energy (in Joules) 17,7 23,3 39 54,9 66,2

Even at 3.8kg, the impact energy is less than 60 Joules making it compliant with French DGAC regulations for S3 scenario (flight in urban areas)


This kit will be available on the 28th of August 2015. Update : the kit is now available form ParachuteDrone.com (click here). The price is 199€ (incl. taxes). Shipping worldwide.


Ejection system:

Weight: 150g
Servomotor: 6.4kg.cm under 6.0V
Material: Epoxy G10 FR4


Area: 1.8m²
Weight: 80g
Fabric: Silicon nylon 20D 32gr/m²
Bridles: Dynema & Aramid
Tore resistance: 600N (equivalent 60kg)

Included in the kit:

  • Ejection system with servomotor
  • High end parachute 1.8m²
  • Pod S2
  • Aramid / Kevlar Straps

Required and not included:

  • Transmission Module ( TX / RX ) with PPM Output


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