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    Escooter seated e110s black/aa.50.0002.45 segway ninebot

    Considering switching to an electric scooter? The Segway eScooter E110S will make that decision simple. With a max. achievable range of up to 75 km (WMTC range: up to 47 km (25km/h version); up to 40 km (45 km/h version)), the choice between 5 colours (including one with a matte finish), many features accessible via the mobile app such as the Airlock System and the RideyGo, the question no longer arises! Discover a new, clean, and smart way to go around. Thanks to the AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System), your eScooter is protected against theft. The integrated 4G-enabled SIM and GPS can track the eScooter’s location at any time. In addition, the Segway eScooter's smart security system detects any irregular movements and sends notifications directly to your smartphone within seconds. Finally, once your eScooter is locked with a battery inside, any unusual actions such as pushing, moving, or accessing the vehicle will trigger the alarm system. The Segway eScooter E110S features The RideyGo! Intelligent System which enables new functions such as the Airlock System, Parking Sensor and Smart Seat Detection. The RideyGo! will save you precious time! No need to search your keys or even take out your smartphone* from your pocket because the eScooter locks and unlocks automatically when you are within 2-10 meters due to the Airlock System. Then thanks to the two sensors on the parking stand and the seat, you can just get on the eScooter and RideyGo! The intuitive digital and coloured dashboard provides all the necessary information to the driver at a glance: speed, battery level, various signs (turning lights, error code, READY sign etc.), riding mode, Bluetooth connectivity and much more.In addition, the LED lights at both ends of the screen change colour depending on the status of the eScooter: