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    Drone acc remote controller/motion 2cp.rc.00000007.01 dji

    DJI RC Motion 2
    The powerful and intuitive DJI RC Motion 2 provides convenient and responsive control, allowing even beginners to quickly enjoy the fun of motion-based flight control.
    Immersive Motion Control
    With motion sensing technology, you can control the flight direction with just a slight turn of the wrist. In tandem with the joystick, you can easily navigate, maneuver, and explore the sky in a completely unique way.
    Multifunctional and Intuitive
    DJI RC Motion 2 is comfortable for extended use.
    The accelerator, mode button, lock button, and many of DJI RC Motion 2’s other functions are optimized for single-handed use. Just point and fly.
    Takeoff, land, accelerate, turn, reverse, strafe right or left, and more. Unfettered flight is just a button press away.
    Multidirectional Operation
    Altitude and direction control are even smoother with the DJI RC Motion 2’s upgraded joystick. Takeoff and land with precise accuracy and richer dynamic movement, and tackle more complex flight maneuvers such as darting left and right.
    The accelerator features a new reverse function that allows you to fly backward in tight situations. Just back up the way you flew in and avoid a tight U-turn.
    The FN dial makes adjusting the ISO, shutter, and other camera parameters a breeze. Quickly make adjustments without raising your hand to your goggles.
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    Power bank usb 10000mah/va2412 rivacase

    RIVACASE VA2412 (10000 mAh) Black EU portable battery 12/48